Photograph Restoration by Jayson Tuntland


Many of you know that I enjoy photography, and some of you know that I love restoring things that are older than I am… But if you don’t know, I love restoring old photographs!

Do you have any special old photographs that need some tender loving care, or perhaps a whole pile of photos that you would like scanned and made available for use or safe keeping on your computer? I am pleased to announce that I will now be offering professional photograph scanning and restoration services!

I specialize in:

- Repairing Dust, Scratches, and Tears

- Removing Stains and Discoloration

- Fixing Fade and Enhancing Colors

- Color and B&W

- Cropping

- Print Preparation and Print Production

- High Quality and High Resolution Finished Products

- And I care about your photographs! Try getting that at Walgreens


Photograph Restoration:

- Basic Restoration: $20 (up to 2 hours work time) The basic restoration will cover most of your needs unless your photograph is especially rough or if it needs to be absolutely perfect for an enlargement. The end product is a high resolution digital file that will be yours to do with as you please, or for an additional cost I would be happy to make you professional quality prints with quality calibrated equipment. (very noticable difference as compared to any local one hour printing service, and I have many high quality printing options to choose from)

- Extensive Restoration: Is the same as the Basic Restoration plus $20 per hour spent past the initial 2 hours. Scanning Services:

- Turn your paper photographs into digital photographs, and use them on the computer or store them away for safe keeping.

- Helpful Tip - Storing a copy of your digital photographs in a bank lock box is a great way to ensure that your precious memories are never lost in a fire/flood/or natural disaster. - Basic Photo Scanning - only 25¢ and $5 minimum. Includes scanning your photographs into high resolution digital files (600dpi) without modifications.

- Slide and Negative Scanning:  Please contact me if interested in these services.

If any of this would be helpful to you please feel free to send me an email at tuntlandphotography@gmail.com, or give me a call at 815-303-1387.

God Bless and Thank You for Your Support,

Jayson Tuntland

JaysonTuntland@yahoo.com  -  (815) 303-1387

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